Here are some reviews of previous audio-described work and performances:..

....and of course a very big thank you for one again ensuring that Mike and yours truly got so much more out of the excellent WNO opera performance, courtesy of your characteristic first class audio description. As always it was well worth arriving in time for the most informative pre-show touch tour, and we were extremely grateful to you for the enthusiastic way in which you described the fascinating set, along with a number of most interesting props in such detail, helping bring that side of the production to life......

                                                                                                                                Patron attending Welsh National Opera's production of Mozart's The Magic Flute   March 2023

'I loved it when the audio storyteller, Jonathan Nash was describing Bosch's, The Garden of Earthly Delights to my eight year old visually impaired eight year old daughter, only to exclaim - 'Oh no, - they have forgotten to stop and put their clothes on !".

                                             Mother attending a  relaxed session at the Frameless Immersive Gallery. Spring 2023

"the freezes and intercutting of description and soundbites are really elegantly done and I can see it's been a hell of a lot of work, Gary.  Thank you!  Ruth, your description is so vivid and brilliant at creating a mental picture true to the reality, which captures the emotions in the imagery".  

Women Leaders South West Film Project..  February 2022

"I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed the audio described performance of  'Cendrillon'..I have seen many memorable performances at the ROH.... Although I enjoyed audio description in the theatre, I  have always been strongly against audio description for opera, assuming that it would spoil my enjoyment of the music. However I am now a convert.... .. I am totally blind and found the audio description enhanced my appreciation of the performance...... When the music started the audio description was very skilfully done. Comments were brief and there was no talking during the arias or musical interludes... brief comments enabled me to know exactly what was happening, so that I could relax and enjoy the music. "

Feedback from the  Royal Opera House You Tube Streaming of Cendrillon by Massent broadcast 29th May 2020


The lady who has no sight, said she can honestly say ‘she felt like she had actually seen the show’. Her grand daughter said she loved turning to her Nan, to explain something, only to see her smiling or reacting, thanks to the Audio Description.

Feedback from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat, Milton Keynes Theatre. April 2019 

"I merely wanted to write to thank you very much indeed for, not only having provided such characteristically helpful audio-description, but for also leading a most interesting and edifying pre-show touch tour during which we were so lucky to be able to meet so many members of the cast, not least Catherine Hunter herself!"

Patron attending Timon of Athens, Royal Shakespeare Company. February 2019

"... we were indeed able to go on stage to explore the props along with the set before then going to see the costumes! Without exception, my friends were hugely impressed by the whole experience and asked me to convey to the two of you their sincere appreciation for, not only having made us so welcome, but for having also enhanced our day at the theatre"

Patron attending the ballet Romeo and Juliet, Birmingham Hippodrome. November 2018

"I merely wanted to thank you very much indeed  for having undoubtedly enhanced my enjoyment of WNO's latest production of  La  Boheme... As we all agreed, it was a very engaging performance all round and really instructive to go on stage beforehand ably assisted by Julia's infectious enthusiasm along with that of you and your fellow audio-describers.... it was useful to explore the set and props in an unhurried and informative way"

Patron attending La Boheme, Welsh National Opera: The Millennium Centre, Cardiff. February 2017

"However, as always, you rose to the challenge superbly - not only helpfully describing the overtly visual dimension to what was happening on stage, but at the same time managing to weave in a paraphrase of the actual words being sung and this combination, for this particular visually impaired opera-lover at least, worked extremely well…..…I was delighted to have the chance to discover some new, and most enjoyable music, and thanks to the wonderful team efforts of WNO's accomplished cast and orchestra along with your tour de force of live commentary, I had another wonderful night at the opera"

Patron attending Pelleas and Melisande, Welsh National Opera: Birmingham Hippodrome. June 2015